System Architecture

By admin, October 18, 2013

Today’s and tomorrow’s business demands are heavily influencing the IT Architecture of an Organization.

There is a need to have fast, reliable, high quality  solutions at affordable cost to gain efficiency and competitiveness on the market.

This lead to higher IT complexity and many difficult technological choices:

How to make an IT System responsive to business needs?

Is .NET, Java, PHP, COBOL for me and my organization?

How to introduce a new technology in my IT Landscape?

Will this solution meet my needs?

Will we benefit of the change?

The Nuenn consultants will support you with finding answers by preparation of:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Functionality / components coverage
  • IT Landscape  Inventory
  • Scenarios & Risk Evaluation
  • Suggestions for pragmatic Solutions

There are at least 5 solution options to investigate for every problem:

  • Royce-Royce® solution – All requirements and needs are satisfied with Hi-Tech modern robust components. The implication of RR solution are usually High Cost
  • Shoelace solution – As an opposite to RR it is a Low Cost solution to fulfill only emerging requirements. To have the most critical functionalities introduced but no fancy Hi-Tech.  It is also considered as an intermediate state in IT Landscape evolution towards the target architecture. May small steps may result in a huge change.
  • Little less then RR – As RR and Shoelace are setting the boundaries of possible solutions, lets think about what will happen if we implement a little smaller scope than RR. It may reduce reduce a cost of solution and save the most important features in the scope
  • Little more than Shoelace – As an opposite to previous one we analyze the consequences of having more robust solution than just gluing thins together
  • Do nothing – Leaving the state as is also an option to consider. It is associated with Risk, nevertheless this thread or opportunity could have acceptable consequences.