Requirements Management Template

By admin, January 7, 2014

Based on years of Business Analysis experience we came up with an easy to use requirements management Excel template that can be used in your projects.


Requirements Management

The Nuenn Requirements Template is a comprehensive tool for managing requirements starting from building common vocabulary, identification of Business Needs up to detailed requirements and solution components.

  •  MoSCoW priorities
  • Complexity
  • Status
  • Business Needs traceability
  • Components allocation
  • Linked Requirement


Stakeholders Analysis

To understand how the stakeholders can influence the result of the project and what communication strategy we should have to address their information needs. nuenn_template_stakeholders

Business Glossary

Single place to store definitions of all key terms in the project. nuenn_template_glossary

Business Needs Identification

To understand why we want to do this endeavour. nuenn_template_business_needs

Solution Components

The tool stores the logical decomposition of the solution. nuenn_template_components

Requirements Statistics

The requirements are measured based on Prioirty, Complexity, Author, Type and status. This allows to check distribution of requirements and track the progress of the BA activities. statistics_01 statistics_04 statistics_06

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