Requirements Engineering

By admin, October 5, 2013

Requirements Engineering is a field of Business Analysis which focuses on identifying the needs and constraints for a newly created  or updated solution.

The process of requirements assessment has to take into consideration the needs of various stakeholders, policies, technological constraints and business environment. The result of Requirements Engineering is  a Requirements Package containing set of document including Software Requirements Specification, Uses Cases which states MUST HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE and WILL NOT HAVE conditions and capabilities communicated by stakeholders.

The Requirements Package will be used as an input to the architecture and design phases of implementation project. It will be used also for verification and validation of the produced solution.

Requirements analysis is crucial to the success of a solution implementation project.

The activities performed under Requirements Engineering

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Stakeholders interviews, workshops
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Requirements analysis
  • Determine Assumptions and Constraints
  • Discovering dependencies, conflicts and duplication of requirements
  • Stating Solution Verification and Validation criteria – Definition of work DONE